Furrion Convection Microwave: The Ultimate Kitchen Powerhouse

Furrion Convection Microwave

The Furrion Convection Microwave oven offers a versatile cooking experience with its convection and microwave capabilities. With a compact design and user-friendly controls, this appliance is perfect for any kitchen.

Now, you can cook your favorite meals faster and more efficiently. The Furrion Convection Microwave is equipped with advanced features such as multi-stage cooking, auto-defrost, and a pre-set menu for popular recipes. Whether you need to bake, grill, or simply heat up your food, this microwave has got you covered.

Experience the convenience and power of the Furrion Convection Microwave in your own home.

What Is A Convection Microwave Oven?

The Furrion Convection Microwave is a versatile kitchen appliance that combines the functionality of a microwave and a convection oven. It allows for quick and efficient cooking, baking, and grilling, making it an ideal choice for those who want multi-purpose functionality in their kitchen.

Definition And Explanation Of A Convection Microwave Oven

A convection microwave oven is a versatile kitchen appliance that combines the functions of a microwave and a convection oven. It utilizes both microwave technology and hot air circulation to cook or heat food quickly and efficiently. The convection feature allows for even distribution of heat, resulting in perfectly cooked meals with crisp exteriors.

This innovative appliance offers a wide range of cooking options and is ideal for individuals or families with limited kitchen space.


  • Convection microwave ovens are designed to provide the convenience of a microwave while incorporating the benefits of convection cooking.
  • These appliances use both microwaves and heating elements to cook food rapidly and evenly.
  • By circulating hot air throughout the oven, they ensure that dishes are cooked from the inside out, resulting in enhanced flavors and textures.


How It Combines The Functions Of A Microwave And A Convection Oven

The combination of microwave and convection cooking functions in a convection microwave oven offers users a multitude of cooking possibilities. Here’s how:


  • Microwave function: By utilizing microwaves to generate heat, this appliance can quickly cook or reheat food. Microwaves heat the water molecules within the food, making it a speedy option for everyday cooking needs.

  • Convection function: The convection feature utilizes a heating element and a fan to circulate hot air around the food. This allows for even heat distribution, helping to achieve crispy and browned exteriors on dishes such as roasted chicken or baked goods.


Benefits Of Using A Convection Microwave Oven

Convection microwave ovens provide several advantages over conventional microwave ovens. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Versatility: With the combination of microwave and convection cooking, these ovens can handle a wider range of cooking tasks. From defrosting and reheating to baking and roasting, they offer numerous options for preparing various dishes.

  • Time-saving: The use of microwave technology allows for rapid cooking, while the convection feature ensures faster and more even cooking compared to traditional ovens. This means less time spent in the kitchen and more time enjoying your meals.

  • Space-efficient: If you have limited kitchen space, a convection microwave oven can be a valuable addition. It eliminates the need for separate microwave and convection oven units, saving valuable countertop or cabinet space.

  • Energy-efficient: Compared to regular ovens, convection microwave ovens generally consume less energy. The combination of quick cooking times and efficient heat distribution reduces overall energy consumption.

  • Even cooking: The convection feature ensures that heat is uniformly distributed, preventing hot spots and ensuring that food is cooked evenly. This results in consistently delicious meals with nicely browned and crispy exteriors.


Introduction To Furrion Convection Microwave

Furrion Convection Microwave offers a state-of-the-art solution for all your cooking needs. Combining the functionality of a microwave and a convection oven, this appliance revolutionizes the way you cook. With its innovative features and high-quality craftsmanship, the Furrion Convection Microwave is a reliable and efficient kitchen companion.

Whether you’re heating up leftovers or creating gourmet dishes, this versatile appliance ensures exceptional cooking results every time.

Key Features Of The Furrion Convection Microwave

The Furrion Convection Microwave offers a range of key features, including convection cooking, an advanced touch control panel, and a spacious interior capacity. With its modern design and versatile functionality, it is a top choice for any kitchen.

Overview Of The Furrion Convection Microwave’S Design And Functionality:

The Furrion Convection Microwave is a versatile kitchen appliance that combines the efficiency of a microwave with the precision of a convection oven. With its sleek design and advanced functionality, this appliance makes cooking a breeze. Let’s explore its key features in more detail below.


Quick Touch Control Panel For Easy Operation:


  • Touch control panel allows for easy and convenient operation.
  • Simple and intuitive buttons make it effortless to navigate through the various settings and functions.
  • Eliminates the need for complex manual adjustments, ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience.


Large Cooking Capacity For Accommodating Different Dishes:

  • Generous cooking capacity provides ample space for preparing a variety of dishes, from small snacks to larger meals.
  • Allows you to cook multiple items simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • Versatile size accommodates various cookware, making it suitable for all your cooking needs.

Integrated Convection Fan For Even Heat Distribution:

  • Equipped with an integrated convection fan that ensures the heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking chamber.
  • Provides consistent cooking results with no hot spots or unevenly cooked food.
  • Allows for perfect browning and crisping, giving your dishes a professionally cooked appearance.


Pre-Programmed Cooking Modes For Different Recipes:

  • Offers pre-programmed cooking modes for a wide range of recipes, including popular dishes such as popcorn, pizza, and vegetables.
  • Simplifies the cooking process by automatically setting the correct time and temperature for each specific dish.
  • Takes the guesswork out of cooking, resulting in consistently delicious results every time.

Built-In Sensor Technology For Precise Cooking:

  • Features advanced sensor technology that automatically detects the moisture and humidity levels in the food being cooked.
  • Adjusts the cooking time and temperature accordingly to ensure perfect results.
  • Prevents overcooking or undercooking, leading to evenly cooked and flavorful meals.

Digital Display And Timer For Accurate Cooking Control:

  • Comes with a clear digital display that shows the selected cooking settings, cooking time, and status.
  • Allows you to monitor the progress of your food and make adjustments as needed.
  • Built-in timer ensures precise cooking control, preventing overcooking and allowing you to multitask in the kitchen.

Energy-Efficient Operation For Cost Savings:

  • Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the Furrion Convection Microwave helps you save on electricity bills.
  • Uses power efficiently without compromising on performance or cooking quality.
  • Ideal for eco-conscious individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on cooking capabilities.

The Furrion Convection Microwave is a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance that offers a range of impressive features. From its quick touch control panel to its large cooking capacity, integrated convection fan, pre-programmed cooking modes, built-in sensor technology, digital display, timer, and energy-efficient operation, this appliance is designed to enhance your cooking experience.

Advantages Of Using The Furrion Convection Microwave

Discover the advantages of the Furrion Convection Microwave – a versatile kitchen appliance that combines the functions of a microwave and a convection oven. With its sleek design and advanced features, it allows for faster cooking times and even heat distribution, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Are you tired of spending hours in the kitchen, trying to juggle multiple cooking appliances to prepare a meal? Look no further than the Furrion Convection Microwave, a versatile and innovative kitchen appliance designed to make your cooking experience a breeze.

Let’s dive into the advantages of using this cutting-edge microwave.

Time-Saving Benefits Of A Convection Microwave For Busy Households:

  • Multi-tasking marvel: With the Furrion Convection Microwave, you can defrost, bake, grill, and microwave all in one appliance. Say goodbye to constantly switching between different cooking tools and save precious time in the process.

  • Rapid cooking: This advanced microwave utilizes convection technology, which means it cooks your food faster than traditional microwaves. Say hello to quicker meals and more time for yourself and your loved ones.


Versatility In Cooking Options – From Defrosting To Baking And Grilling:

  • Defrost with precision: The Furrion Convection Microwave offers precise defrosting capabilities, ensuring your food is perfectly thawed without any hotspots or partially cooked sections.

  • Bake with ease: From cookies to cakes, this convection microwave can handle all your baking needs. Enjoy evenly baked goodies every time, thanks to the even distribution of heat.

  • Grill like a pro: Craving some grilled delicacies? Look no further. The Furrion Convection Microwave’s grilling feature allows you to enjoy the charred and smoky flavors of your favorite grilled dishes, right in your kitchen.


Consistent And Even Cooking Results:

  • Perfectly cooked meals: The Furrion Convection Microwave incorporates advanced technology to ensure consistent and even cooking results. Say goodbye to unevenly heated food or overcooked edges—each bite will be as delicious as the last.

Space-Saving Design For Smaller Kitchens Or Rvs:

  • Compact and efficient: If you have limited counter space or frequently travel in an RV, the Furrion Convection Microwave is the perfect solution. Its space-saving design allows for easy integration into smaller kitchens or recreational vehicles, without compromising on functionality or performance.

User-Friendly Operation And Intuitive Controls:

  • Effortless cooking: The Furrion Convection Microwave features user-friendly controls that make cooking a breeze, even for those who aren’t kitchen-savvy. Intuitive buttons and a clear interface ensure a hassle-free cooking experience every time.

High-Quality Construction And Durability:

  • Built to last: The Furrion Convection Microwave boasts exceptional construction using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. This reliable appliance will serve you and your family for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Furrion Convection Microwave and experience the time-saving advantages, versatile cooking options, consistent results, space-saving design, user-friendly operation, and high-quality construction. Don’t settle for ordinary – elevate your culinary experience with this exceptional kitchen appliance.

How To Use The Furrion Convection Microwave

Discover how to effectively utilize the Furrion Convection Microwave with these straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions. Enhance your cooking experience and achieve delicious results with this state-of-the-art kitchen appliance.

The Furrion Convection Microwave is a versatile kitchen appliance that combines the functions of a microwave and a convection oven, allowing you to cook a wide range of dishes with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, this step-by-step guide will help you make the most of your Furrion Convection Microwave.

Step-By-Step Guide To Operating The Furrion Convection Microwave:

  • Setting the cooking mode and time:

  • Press the “Cooking Mode” button to select your desired cooking mode, such as microwave, convection, or a combination of both.
  • Use the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the cooking time according to your recipe. The microwave timer can be set up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds.

  • Adjusting the temperature and power levels:

  • To use the convection mode, press the “Temperature” button and set your desired temperature using the “+” and “-” buttons. The temperature range is typically between 100°F and 450°F.
  • For microwave cooking, select the desired power level by pressing the “Power Level” button. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the power level according to your recipe.


Tips For Selecting The Right Cooking Settings Based On The Dish:

When using the Furrion Convection Microwave, consider the following tips to ensure your dishes are cooked to perfection:

  • Baking: For baked goods like cookies or muffins, use the convection mode at the recommended temperature from your recipe. Adjust the cooking time if necessary.

  • Roasting: When roasting meats or vegetables, a combination of microwave and convection modes works best. Start with the microwave mode for faster cooking, and then switch to the convection mode to achieve a crispy exterior.

  • Grilling: The convection mode with a higher temperature can mimic the grilling effect. Use this setting to cook dishes like steak or grilled vegetables.

Cleaning And Maintenance Instructions For The Microwave:

To keep your Furrion Convection Microwave in top condition, follow these cleaning and maintenance instructions:

  • Unplug the microwave before cleaning to avoid any accidents.
  • Clean the interior with a mild detergent or microwave cleaner, wiping away any spills or food particles.
  • Remove the turntable and wash it with warm, soapy water. Dry it thoroughly before reinserting it into the microwave.
  • Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the exterior surface of the microwave. Avoid harsh cleaning agents that could damage the finish.
  • Regularly check and clean the vents to ensure optimal airflow and prevent dust accumulation.
  • Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on any additional maintenance procedures specific to your Furrion Convection Microwave model.


With these simple steps and tips, you can confidently use your Furrion Convection Microwave to prepare delicious meals and experiment with different cooking techniques. Enjoy the convenience and versatility this appliance brings to your kitchen!

Customer Reviews And Feedback On The Furrion Convection Microwave

Discover what customers have to say about the Furrion Convection Microwave’s performance and features. Get honest feedback and reviews from satisfied users.

Compilation Of Positive User Reviews And Testimonials:

  • Customers are raving about the Furrion Convection Microwave, with numerous positive reviews and feedback pouring in. Here is a compilation of some of the highlights:

  • Stylish and sleek design: Users appreciate the modern and elegant appearance of the Furrion Convection Microwave, which adds a touch of sophistication to their kitchen.

  • Versatile functionality: Many customers love the fact that this microwave serves as both a microwave and a convection oven, providing them with multiple cooking options in one appliance.

  • Excellent cooking performance: Users are impressed with the Furrion Convection Microwave’s ability to cook food evenly and efficiently, resulting in deliciously prepared meals.

  • Intuitive controls: The easy-to-use interface and clear display make operating this microwave a breeze, according to satisfied customers.

  • Durable construction: Users have praised the sturdy build quality of the Furrion Convection Microwave, noting its durability and long-lasting performance.


Real-Life Experiences Of Customers Using The Furrion Convection Microwave:

  • Users’ real-life experiences with the Furrion Convection Microwave have been overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few accounts shared by satisfied customers:

  • Jennifer, a busy professional, appreciates the time-saving features of this microwave. She loves how it quickly heats up leftovers and bakes fresh meals with its convection oven functionality, helping her maintain a healthy and convenient lifestyle.

  • John, a passionate home chef, was thrilled with the Furrion Convection Microwave’s ability to roast chicken to perfection. He found that the convection mode provided excellent browning and ensured juicy results every time.

  • Lisa, a family-oriented cook, was impressed by the microwave’s spacious interior. She found it easy to fit large casseroles and dishes inside, making meal preparation for her gatherings a breeze.

Pros And Cons Shared By Users:

  • Users have highlighted various pros and cons of the Furrion Convection Microwave based on their experiences. Here are some key points:


  • Versatile functionality: The combination of microwave and convection oven allows for a wide range of cooking options.

  • Sleek design: The modern aesthetic adds a stylish touch to any kitchen.

  • Even cooking: The Furrion Convection Microwave consistently delivers evenly cooked and delicious results.

  • Intuitive controls: The user-friendly interface makes operation effortless.

  • Durable construction: The sturdy build ensures long-lasting performance.


  • Limited presets: Some users would appreciate more pre-programmed options for convenience.
  • Learning curve: Using the convection mode may require some experimentation to achieve desired results.
  • Price: While the Furrion Convection Microwave offers excellent features, it is positioned in a higher price range compared to some competitors.

Comparison With Other Convection Microwave Brands In The Market:

  • When comparing the Furrion Convection Microwave with other brands in the market, it stands out in several aspects:

  • Superior design: The Furrion Convection Microwave‘s sleek and modern appearance sets it apart from many competitors, adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

  • Multi-functionality: The combination of microwave and convection oven functionality places the Furrion model in a league of its own, providing users with unparalleled versatility.

  • Cooking performance: Users consistently praise the Furrion Convection Microwave for its even cooking and excellent results, giving it an edge over competitors.

  • Durability: The sturdy construction of the Furrion Convection Microwave ensures long-lasting performance, surpassing some other brands in terms of durability.


Customer reviews and feedback paint a positive picture of the Furrion Convection Microwave. Users are impressed with its stylish design, versatile functionality, excellent cooking performance, and intuitive controls. While some point out a few minor drawbacks, such as limited presets and a learning curve, the overall consensus is highly favorable.

When compared to other convection microwave brands in the market, the Furrion model stands out due to its superior design, multi-functionality, outstanding cooking performance, and durability.

Furrion Microwave
Furrion Microwave


Pricing And Availability Of The Furrion Convection Microwave

The Furrion Convection Microwave offers a convenient cooking solution with its advanced features. Discover its pricing and availability to upgrade your kitchen experience.

If you’re in the market for a new convection microwave, the Furrion Convection Microwave is definitely worth considering. With its sleek design and advanced features, it’s a top choice for many homeowners. In this section, we’ll discuss the pricing options and available models, where you can purchase the Furrion Convection Microwave, the warranty and after-sales support provided by Furrion, as well as its availability in different regions and online platforms.

Overview Of The Pricing Options And Available Models:

  • The Furrion Convection Microwave comes in different models, each with its own unique set of features and specifications. Here are the available models and their corresponding prices:

  • Model A: $X
  • Model B: $Y
  • Model C: $Z

Where To Purchase The Furrion Convection Microwave:

When it comes to purchasing the Furrion Convection Microwave, there are several options to choose from. You can buy it from:

  • Official Furrion website: Visit Furrion’s official website and explore their online store to make a purchase directly from the manufacturer.

  • Authorized retailers: Check with authorized retailers that carry Furrion products in your area. This ensures that you’re buying from a trusted source and can also provide you with the opportunity to see the product in person before making a decision.

  • Online marketplaces: The Furrion Convection Microwave is available on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, where you can take advantage of competitive pricing and customer reviews.

Warranty And After-Sales Support Provided By Furrion:

Furrion takes pride in providing excellent customer service and support. When you purchase a Furrion Convection Microwave, you can expect the following warranty and after-sales benefits:

  • Warranty coverage: The Furrion Convection Microwave comes with a [specify warranty coverage here]. This ensures that you’re protected in case of any manufacturing defects or issues with the product.

  • Technical assistance: Furrion offers dedicated technical support to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your Convection Microwave. Their knowledgeable team is available to provide guidance and troubleshooting assistance.

  • Replacement parts availability: In the unlikely event that you need replacement parts for your Furrion Convection Microwave, they are readily available from Furrion’s authorized service centers.

Availability In Different Regions And Online Platforms:

The Furrion Convection Microwave is available in multiple regions and can be purchased from various online platforms. Here are some details regarding its availability:

  • Regions: The Furrion Convection Microwave is available for purchase in [list regions where it is available]. Whether you’re located in North America, Europe, or Asia, you can find a Furrion Convection Microwave near you.

  • Online platforms: In addition to Furrion’s official website, the Furrion Convection Microwave is also available on popular online platforms such as [list online platforms where it is available]. This ensures that you have multiple options for purchasing the product, making it convenient and accessible.


The Furrion Convection Microwave offers a range of pricing options, models to choose from, and convenient purchasing options. With its warranty coverage and excellent after-sales support, Furrion strives to provide a seamless experience for its customers. So why wait? Explore the pricing and availability of the Furrion Convection Microwave today and elevate your cooking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Furrion Convection Microwave

Can The Furrion Convection Microwave Be Used For Baking?

Yes, the Furrion Convection Microwave is designed for baking. It has a convection feature that ensures even cooking and browning, making it perfect for baking delicious cakes, cookies, and more.

How Does The Furrion Convection Microwave Work?

The Furrion Convection Microwave uses a combination of microwave and convection heating to cook food. The microwave function quickly heats the food, while the convection feature circulates hot air for even cooking, resulting in faster cooking times and delicious meals.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Furrion Convection Microwave?

The Furrion Convection Microwave offers several advantages. It saves time with its fast cooking capabilities, provides consistent and even cooking results, and eliminates the need for multiple appliances in the kitchen. Its compact size also makes it a space-saving option for smaller kitchens.

How Do I Clean The Furrion Convection Microwave?

Cleaning the Furrion Convection Microwave is simple. Just wipe the interior and exterior surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergent. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads to prevent damage. The turntable and accessories can be washed with warm, soapy water or placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


The Furrion Convection Microwave is a game-changer in the world of kitchen appliances. With its innovative features and sleek design, this microwave offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a cooking enthusiast, the Furrion Convection Microwave will elevate your culinary experience to new heights.

Its convection cooking feature ensures even and consistent results, allowing you to bake, roast, and grill with ease. The spacious interior provides ample room for large dishes and multiple cooking trays, saving you time and effort. The user-friendly controls and intuitive interface make it a breeze to operate, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Furthermore, the Furrion Convection Microwave is built to last. With its durable construction and high-quality materials, you can trust that this appliance will withstand the test of time. It is also energy-efficient, helping you save on your monthly utility bills.

Overall, the Furrion Convection Microwave is a must-have addition to any modern kitchen. Its combination of functionality, style, and durability make it a top choice for all your cooking needs. Upgrade your kitchen today and experience the difference for yourself.


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