Panasonic Nn Cd87Ks Review: Real Trusth Exposed

Panasonic Nn Cd87Ks Review

The panasonic nn-cd87ks is a versatile and powerful countertop microwave convection oven that delivers exceptional cooking performance. With 1.2 cubic feet of interior capacity and 10 power levels, this microwave convection oven is perfect for preparing a variety of meals.

Its sleek and modern design, combined with its advanced features, make it an excellent option for any kitchen. In terms of its performance, the panasonic nn-cd87ks offers a range of advanced cooking features that make it perfect for preparing a variety of meals.

It has a built-in temperature probe, which allows you to cook meats perfectly every time, and a convection heating system that ensures your food is cooked evenly and to perfection. Additionally, it comes equipped with a range of pre-programmed cooking settings, making it easy to cook your favorite meals with the touch of a button. Overall, the panasonic nn-cd87ks is an excellent countertop microwave convection oven that offers a range of advanced features and exceptional cooking performance. Whether you’re a professional chef or just looking to upgrade your kitchen, this appliance is definitely worth considering.

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Features Of The Panasonic Nn Cd87Ks Microwave

The panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is a cutting-edge appliance designed for modern living. With its advanced features, this microwave is a must-have in every kitchen. In this review, we will delve into the features of the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave that make it stand out compared to other microwaves on the market.

Size, Capacity, Power, And Cooking Options

  • This microwave has an impressive 34l capacity that accommodates a variety of cookware sizes.
  • With an output of 1000 watts, the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is powerful, heating food in record time.
  • The microwave has a dimension of 23.4 x 19.7 x 14 inches, providing ample room inside to cook larger dishes.
  • Offers a wide range of cooking options such as grilling, baking, and roasting with impressive speed and precision.

With these features, the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is definitely a game-changer in the microwave world.

Innovative Inverter Technology

  • The panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is equipped with patented inverter technology that ensures even cooking and defrosting.
  • The inverter technology heats food evenly, preventing overcooked edges and cold spots in the middle of the dish.
  • This feature ensures that the food retains its flavor, texture, and nutritional value during cooking.

Combination Cooking

  • The microwave has a unique combination cooking option that combines microwave, grill, and convection cooking modes, enabling more diverse cooking options.
  • This feature allows you to fast cook your dishes while still keeping their flavors, texture and nutritional value.

Easy To Use And Clean

  • The panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is designed with a modern touch control panel that is easy to operate.
  • The interface has pre-set menus with recommended cooking times and temperatures for different types of food, making cooking quicker and easier.
  • The microwave has a non-stick interior and a removable turntable, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Overall, the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is an excellent appliance offering impressive speed, power, and precision. Its combination cooking option and tecnological features make it stand out from the rest, a must-have in every kitchen.

Pros And Cons Of The Panasonic Nn Cd87Ks Microwave

Panasonic nn cd87ks review: pros and cons of the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave

Are you searching for the perfect microwave that can help you whip up meals in just minutes? If yes, then you might want to check out the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave, which comes with numerous features and functions. However, before making any purchase, it’s essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the appliance.

Below are the key points to consider when buying the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave:

Discuss The Advantages Of The Panasonic Nn Cd87Ks Microwave

The panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is a fantastic appliance that could make your life healthier and more comfortable with its numerous benefits. Some of its advantages are:

  • Inverter technology: This feature helps cook food evenly and quickly.
  • Large capacity: With a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet, the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave can accommodate your family’s meal requirements.
  • Several cooking options: With 20 pre-set cooking options, this microwave can cook an extensive range of dishes, from popcorn to vegetables, casseroles, and more.
  • Child safety: The microwave comes with a child lock for maximum safety.

Discuss The Disadvantages Of The Panasonic Nn Cd87Ks Microwave

While the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave has several benefits, some potential drawbacks might be vital to consider before making the final decision. Below are the key drawbacks of the appliance:

  • Expensive: Compared to other microwave brands, the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is pricier.
  • Stainless steel finish: The appliance’s stainless steel finish might be challenging to maintain, and it could collect fingerprints and smudges easily.
  • Complicated features: With its numerous programming and cooking options, the device’s features might be challenging for some users to figure out at first.

The panasonic nn cd87ks microwave can be a fantastic investment to make, especially with its numerous advanced features and functions. However, it’s crucial to consider its potential disadvantages before making the final decision. With its inverter technology, large cooking capacity, and several cooking options, the appliance has unique features that could make your life more comfortable.

So, if you want a reliable and durable microwave that can help you cook tasty meals, the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave could be the perfect choice for you.



User Experience Of The Panasonic Nn Cd87Ks Microwave

The panasonic nn cd87ks microwave offers an excellent user experience to those who are looking for a high-quality appliance that is easy to use and clean. Below are some key points to provide a glimpse into the experience of using this microwave:

  • Ease of use: The panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy for anyone to operate. The intuitive led display and simple controls allow users to quickly and efficiently cook, reheat, or defrost their food.
  • Convenient features: The microwave has a built-in intelligent sensor that automatically adjusts the cooking time and power level for optimal results. It also offers a variety of pre-set cooking options, including popcorn, frozen vegetables, and more, making it even more convenient.
  • Cleaning: The panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is easy to clean, thanks to its ceramic enamel interior, which is scratch-resistant and prevents bacteria growth. The exterior is also easy to wipe down with a damp cloth, making it a hassle-free appliance to maintain.

Performance In Different Cooking Scenarios

The panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is a versatile appliance that is capable of performing well in various cooking scenarios. Here are some insights into how it performs in different situations:

  • Cooking frozen food: With its powerful 1250 watts of cooking power and advanced features, the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is capable of cooking frozen food efficiently and quickly. Its advanced sensors and pre-set cooking options make cooking frozen meals a breeze.
  • Reheating leftovers: Reheating leftovers can be tricky, as it’s important to avoid overcooking or undercooking the food. However, the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave makes it easy to reheat leftovers perfectly, thanks to its sensor reheating feature and pre-set cooking options.
  • Defrosting meat: Defrosting meat can be a time-consuming process, but the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave offers a defrosting feature that uses advanced sensors to ensure that the meat is defrosted evenly and not overcooked. This feature saves time and ensures that the meat is cooked evenly.

Overall, the panasonic nn cd87ks microwave is an excellent appliance that offers a fantastic user experience. Whether you’re cooking frozen food, reheating leftovers, or defrosting meat, this microwave is capable of achieving optimal results every time.

Comparison With Similar Microwaves

Provide A Brief Overview Of Other Similar Microwaves In The Market, Such As Those From Kitchenaid And Samsung

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, a good microwave is a necessity. With so many brands available in the market, it can be hard to find the right one. Two popular brands, kitchenaid and samsung, have created microwaves that offer similar features to panasonic’s nn-cd87ks model.

  • Kitchenaid kmhc319ess: One of the best alternatives to panasonic is the kitchenaid kmhc319ess. Here’s what it offers:
  • Convection cooking
  • 1000 watt power
  • 1.9 cu. Ft. capacity
  • Samsung mc12j8035ct: Another option similar to panasonic’s model is the samsung mc12j8035ct. Here’s what it offers:
  • Slim fry technology
  • Convection cooking
  • 1.2 cu. Ft. capacity

Compare And Contrast The Panasonic Nn Cd87Ks Microwave With The Other Models, Focusing On Features, Performance, And Price.

When it comes to microwaves, finding the right one can be a challenge. Here’s how the panasonic nn-cd87ks compares to other similar microwaves:

  • Features:
  • Panasonic nn-cd87ks: This model includes the following features:
  • Turbo defrosting
  • Combination cooking
  • Inverter technology
  • Kitchenaid kmhc319ess: This model comes with the following features:
  • Sensor cooking
  • Crispwave technology
  • Samsung mc12j8035ct: Here are the notable features of this model:
  • Slim fry technology
  • Ceramic enamel interior
  • Performance:
  • Panasonic nn-cd87ks: With its inverter technology, this microwave cooks food evenly and prevents overcooking. It also features turbo defrosting, which makes thawing quick and easy.
  • Kitchenaid kmhc319ess: The sensor cooking feature ensures that food is cooked perfectly every time.
  • Samsung mc12j8035ct: The slim fry technology allows for healthy cooking, while the ceramic enamel interior is easy to clean.
  • Price:
  • Panasonic nn-cd87ks: On the higher end of the price range for microwaves with these features.
  • Kitchenaid kmhc319ess: Priced similarly to the panasonic nn-cd87ks.
  • Samsung mc12j8035ct: Cheaper than the other two models, making it a budget-friendly option.

When comparing the toshiba em131a5c, the panasonic nn-cd87ks, and the samsung mc12j8035ct, there are some similarities in features, but each model has unique capabilities that set it apart. The decision on which microwave to choose ultimately comes down to personal preferences, performance requirements, and budget constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions On Panasonic Nn Cd87Ks Review

Is The Panasonic Nn-Cd87Ks A Good Investment?

Panasonic nn-cd87ks is an exceptional investment. It is a reliable combination microwave that boasts impressive features such as a 1000-watt inverter for quick cooking and a ceramic plate for uniform heating. Moreover, the slimline design makes it ideal for small kitchens or apartments.

How Many Auto Cook Options Does The Panasonic Nn-Cd87Ks Have?

Panasonic nn-cd87ks comes with 24 pre-set auto cook options that make cooking a breeze. These options include various cooking modes such as grilling, baking, roasting, and defrosting.

Does The Panasonic Nn-Cd87Ks Have A Child Lock Feature?

Yes, the panasonic nn-cd87ks has a child lock feature. This feature ensures that children cannot accidentally operate the microwave, preventing any accidents or injuries.

How Easy Is It To Clean The Panasonic Nn-Cd87Ks?

The panasonic nn-cd87ks is straightforward to clean. The ceramic plate is detachable and dishwasher safe, while the interior has an easy-to-clean non-stick coating. Moreover, the exterior also wipes clean with ease.

Can The Panasonic Nn-Cd87Ks Replace A Full-Sized Oven?

While the panasonic nn-cd87ks does have an impressive range of features, it cannot replace a full-sized oven. The microwave has a 34-liter capacity, which is smaller than a full-sized oven. However, it is an ideal secondary appliance that can handle most cooking requirements.


Overall, the panasonic nn-cd87ks microwave is a remarkable appliance that does it all. From its spacious cooking area, energy-saving features, and plethora of preset programs, it provides the utmost convenience and reliability. The inverter technology is yet another exceptional feature that ensures your food cooks evenly, thoroughly and without overcooking it.

The touch controls are also easy to use, making it quick to navigate through the various settings and control functions. Additionally, the stainless steel design is sleek and modern and will add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. This microwave is a great investment for anyone looking for an all-in-one kitchen appliance that will take care of space, money, and time-saving needs.

With many positive reviews from satisfied customers, it’s clear that the panasonic nn-cd87ks exceeds expectations, making it a top choice for anyone in search of a high-quality microwave.


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