Furrion Convection Microwave Manual: Master Your Cooking Skills

The Furrion Convection Microwave Manual is available for download on Furrion’s website and contains important safety instructions, operation guidelines, and system setup information. Gulfstream Coach also provides a 32-page manual for the Furrion convection microwave oven.

ManualsLib is another resource where you can find the manual for this appliance.

Getting To Know Your Furrion Convection Microwave

Learn everything you need to know about your Furrion Convection Microwave with the comprehensive manual. Discover the different cooking modes, keypad functions, and installation guidelines to make the most of this versatile appliance.

Welcome to this guide that will help you become familiar with your Furrion Convection Microwave. In this section, we will explore the features and functions of this innovative kitchen appliance and understand how to use its various cooking modes and options.

So let’s dive right in!

Features And Functions Of The Furrion Convection Microwave:

  • Three different cooking modes: The Furrion Convection Microwave offers three cooking modes to suit your needs – microwave, convection, and combination. Each mode is designed to provide you with versatile cooking options.
  • Keypad functions: The control panel of the Furrion Convection Microwave features easy-to-use keypad functions, allowing you to select cooking modes, adjust temperature and time settings, and explore other convenient features.
  • Control panel: The control panel is designed for intuitive operation, allowing you to navigate through the various functions and settings effortlessly.
  • Exhaust fan: The Furrion Convection Microwave is equipped with a built-in exhaust fan that helps to remove excess heat and odors from your kitchen while cooking.
  • Reusable filter: To ensure clean and fresh air flow, this microwave comes with a reusable filter that can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Rated Output Power: The Furrion Convection Microwave has a high power output rating, ensuring faster and more efficient cooking results.
  • Installation guide: The included installation guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you set up your Furrion Convection Microwave in your RV or kitchen.
  • Measurements: It is essential to know the exact measurements of the microwave, which are provided in the user manual. This information will help you plan and allocate the right amount of space for installation.

Understanding The Cooking Modes And Options Available:

  • Microwave mode: This mode allows you to quickly heat or defrost food using microwave radiation. It is perfect for reheating leftovers or warming up beverages.
  • Convection mode: In this mode, the Furrion Convection Microwave uses a combination of microwaves and heated airflow to cook food evenly and efficiently. It is ideal for baking, roasting, and browning dishes.
  • Combination mode: The combination mode combines the power of microwave technology with convection cooking, providing you with the flexibility to cook a wide range of recipes. It is great for dishes that require both quick cooking and browning.

By familiarizing yourself with these cooking modes and options, you will be able to make the most of your Furrion Convection Microwave and unleash your culinary creativity.

Remember, the user manual is your ultimate guide to operating and maintaining your Furrion Convection Microwave. Keep it handy for reference and enjoy the convenience and versatility this appliance brings to your kitchen.

Furrion Convection Microwave Manual: Master Your Cooking Skills

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Using The Furrion Convection Microwave For Baking

Discover how to use the Furrion Convection Microwave for baking with this user-friendly manual. Learn about its various cooking modes, temperature settings, and the benefits of convection ovens. Start baking delicious treats in no time with this convenient kitchen appliance.

If you’re a baking enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to discover that the Furrion Convection Microwave is not just your typical microwave oven. It also doubles as a convection oven, giving you the flexibility to bake delicious treats in addition to the usual microwave functions.

In this section, we’ll explore the benefits of using convection ovens for baking, discuss how to set the temperature on the Furrion Convection Microwave, provide some tips and tricks for baking with this appliance, and learn how to adjust cooking time and temperature for different recipes.

The Benefits Of Using Convection Ovens For Baking:

  • Consistent heat distribution: Convection ovens use a fan to circulate hot air, ensuring that heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven cavity. This leads to more uniform baking and browning of your dishes.
  • Reduced cooking time: With the efficient heat distribution, convection ovens can reduce cooking time by up to 25%. This means you can enjoy your favorite baked goods faster!
  • Better texture and flavor: The circulating hot air in a convection oven creates a crispy crust and tender interior, resulting in baked goods with a delectable texture and enhanced flavor.

Setting The Temperature On The Furrion Convection Microwave:

  • Locate the temperature control knob or touchscreen on the microwave control panel.
  • Turn the knob or press the appropriate buttons to select the desired temperature for your recipe.
  • The Furrion Convection Microwave typically allows you to set temperatures ranging from 100°F to 450°F (38°C to 232°C).

Tips And Tricks For Baking With The Furrion Convection Microwave:

  • Preheat the oven: Just like a traditional oven, preheating is crucial for baking. Follow the recipe instructions to determine the appropriate preheating time and temperature.
  • Use the right bakeware: Opt for oven-safe glass or ceramic bakeware for best results. Avoid using metal pans or foils, as they may disrupt the microwave’s convection function.
  • Monitor the baking process: Keep an eye on your baked goods through the oven window. Since convection baking is more efficient, the cooking time may be shorter than what the recipe suggests. Use a toothpick or cake tester to check for doneness.
  • Rotate the pans: To ensure even baking, rotate the pans halfway through the cooking process. This helps eliminate any hot spots and promotes uniform browning.
  • Avoid overcrowding: Leave enough space between the baking dishes to allow proper air circulation. Overcrowding can hinder the convection function and result in unevenly baked items.

Adjusting Cooking Time And Temperature For Different Recipes:

  • Reduce the temperature: When using convection, it’s recommended to lower the temperature by 25°F (14°C) compared to the recipe’s instructions. This adjustment helps compensate for the oven’s efficient heat distribution.
  • Shorten the cooking time: As convection ovens cook faster, it’s essential to adjust the cooking time accordingly. Start by reducing the suggested cooking time by approximately 25% and then check for doneness.
  • Use a thermometer: For precise baking, especially when making delicate items like cakes or pastries, use a kitchen thermometer to ensure the internal temperature reaches the desired level.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to unleash your baking prowess using the Furrion Convection Microwave. Let your creativity shine and enjoy the delight of homemade baked goods right in your RV or kitchen. Happy baking!

Exploring Additional Functions And Features

Discover the hidden functions and features of the Furrion Convection Microwave Manual. Learn how to effectively use and maximize the capabilities of your microwave oven for a convenient cooking experience.

Understanding The Control Panel And Keypad Functions:

  • The control panel of the Furrion convection microwave is designed for ease of use and convenience. Here are the key functions and features you need to know:
  • Power button: Press this button to turn the microwave on or off.
  • Timer button: Use this button to set the cooking time for your food.
  • Start button: Press this button to begin cooking or to continue cooking after pausing.
  • Stop/Clear button: Press this button to stop or cancel the cooking process, or to clear any selections or settings on the display.
  • Cooking mode buttons: These buttons allow you to choose the desired cooking mode, such as microwave, convection, or combination cooking.
  • Temperature control: Use the temperature control button to set the desired cooking temperature for convection or combination cooking modes.
  • Keypad lock: To prevent accidental operation or changes to settings, you can lock the keypad by pressing the keypad lock button.

Exploring The Exhaust Fan And Reusable Filter:

  • The Furrion convection microwave is equipped with an exhaust fan and reusable filter to help dissipate heat and remove odors during cooking. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Exhaust fan: The microwave has a built-in exhaust fan that helps to vent the heat and steam generated during cooking. The fan has multiple speed settings, allowing you to choose the level of ventilation required.
  • Reusable filter: The microwave also features a reusable filter that helps to trap grease and odors from the cooking process. The filter can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the microwave.

Utilizing The Different Cooking Modes Available:

  • The Furrion convection microwave offers various cooking modes to suit your different culinary needs. Here are the available modes and their functions:
  • Microwave mode: This mode allows you to quickly heat or defrost food using microwave radiation.
  • Convection mode: In this mode, the microwave uses a combination of microwave and convection cooking to provide even and efficient cooking results. It is ideal for baking, roasting, and browning.
  • Combination mode: Combining both microwave and convection cooking, this mode offers the versatility of using both cooking methods simultaneously or separately. It is perfect for cooking dishes that require both quick heating and browning.

Getting Familiar With Additional Features And Settings:

  • In addition to the core functions and cooking modes, the Furrion convection microwave also offers several additional features and settings that enhance its performance and convenience. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Defrost function: The microwave has a specific defrost setting that allows you to thaw frozen food quickly and evenly.
  • Pre-set cooking programs: The microwave comes with pre-set cooking programs for popular dishes, making it easier to achieve optimal results without the need for manual adjustments.
  • Child lock: For safety purposes, the microwave has a child lock feature that prevents accidental operation or changes to settings.
  • Customizable settings: You can also customize certain settings, such as the default power level, cooking time, and preferred language, according to your personal preferences.
  • Reminder and notification features: The microwave offers useful reminder and notification functions to alert you when the cooking process is complete or when additional action is required.
  • Overall, the Furrion convection microwave is more than just a regular microwave. With its advanced control panel, versatile cooking modes, and additional features, it provides a convenient and efficient cooking experience for any kitchen.

Installation And Maintenance Guide

Austin, Texas-based Furrion Convection Microwave offers an installation and maintenance guide for their manual oven. Learn how to set the temperature, use different cooking modes, and benefit from convection ovens with this comprehensive guide.

Furrion Convection Microwave

Installing and maintaining your Furrion Convection Microwave correctly is crucial for optimum performance and longevity. This section will provide you with a step-by-step installation guide, measuring requirements, tips for proper maintenance, and troubleshooting common issues.

Step-By-Step Installation Guide For The Furrion Convection Microwave:

  • Choose a suitable location: Ensure that you have enough space above the microwave for ventilation and clearance from cabinets or other appliances.
  • Measure the space: Take accurate measurements of the available space to ensure the microwave fits properly. Refer to the Furrion Convection Microwave’s dimensions in the manual.
  • Prepare the mounting bracket: Attach the mounting bracket to the designated spot on the wall or cabinet, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Connect the electrical wiring: Depending on your setup, either plug the microwave into a nearby electrical outlet or hardwire it directly to your home’s electrical system.
  • Mount the microwave: Align the microwave with the mounting bracket and secure it in place. Follow the specific instructions provided in the manual for your model.
  • Test the microwave: Ensure that the microwave is functioning correctly by running a test cook cycle. Check for any issues or abnormal sounds during operation.

Measuring Requirements For Proper Installation:

  • Height: Measure the distance from the top to the bottom of the designated installation space.
  • Width: Measure the width of the installation space.
  • Depth: Measure the depth of the installation space.
  • Ventilation space: Leave sufficient clearance around the microwave for proper ventilation.

Tips For Proper Maintenance And Cleaning Of The Furrion Convection Microwave:

  • Regular cleaning: Wipe down the interior and exterior of the microwave with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scouring pads that can damage the surface.
  • Deodorize: Remove any lingering odors by heating a bowl of water with lemon juice or vinegar inside the microwave for a few minutes.
  • Avoid overloading: Do not exceed the maximum weight limit or place items too close to the microwave’s walls, as this can affect its performance.
  • Use microwave-safe containers: Ensure that you only use cookware specifically designed for microwave use to prevent any damage or safety hazards.
  • Check for damage: Regularly inspect the power cord, door seals, and control panel for any signs of damage or wear. Contact Furrion customer support if you notice any issues.

Troubleshooting Common Issues And Problems:

  • Microwave not heating food evenly: Ensure the food is placed in the center of the rotating carousel or turntable for more balanced heating.
  • Microwave not powering on: Check the power source, circuit breaker, and ensure the microwave is properly plugged in.
  • Display or control panel not functioning: Try resetting the microwave by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in.
  • Unusual noises during operation: Check for any loose or foreign objects inside the microwave and remove them if necessary. If the issue persists, contact Furrion customer support for further assistance.

By following these installation and maintenance guidelines, you can enjoy the full benefits of your Furrion Convection Microwave and ensure its longevity and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Furrion Convection Microwave Manual

How Do You Use A Furrion Convection Oven?

To use a Furrion convection oven, follow these steps: 1. Familiarize yourself with the oven and its accessories. 2. Set the desired temperature on the control panel. 3. Start the timer for your desired cooking duration. 4. Ensure proper electrical draw for safe operation.

How Do You Use An Rv Microwave Convection Oven?

To use an RV microwave convection oven, follow these steps: 1. Familiarize yourself with the oven and its settings. 2. Set the desired temperature using the control panel. 3. Place your food inside the oven, ensuring it fits properly. 4. Start the timer to begin cooking.

5. Monitor the cooking process and adjust the time if necessary. 6. Once the food is cooked, carefully remove it from the oven. 7. Clean the oven after each use for proper maintenance. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for any specific instructions or troubleshooting.

Can You Put Metal In A Convection Microwave Oven?

Yes, you can put metal in a convection microwave oven, but only when it is in convection mode.

What Is The Convection Mode On A Microwave?

The convection mode on a microwave uses a heating element and fan to evenly distribute heat, transforming it into a convection oven.


The Furrion Convection Microwave Manual provides users with a comprehensive guide on how to effectively utilize this advanced kitchen appliance. With step-by-step instructions and detailed explanations, users can easily navigate through the various functions and features of the microwave. The manual covers important safety instructions, system setup, and operation guidelines to ensure a seamless cooking experience.

Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, this manual is designed to cater to all skill levels and ensure optimal performance of the microwave. Additionally, the manual includes downloadable contents and links to other helpful resources, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to make the most out of their Furrion Convection Microwave.

Explore the multitude of functionalities and take your cooking experience to the next level with the help of this user-friendly manual.

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